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Here at Off Track Rentals we are proud sponsors of an international race team representing New Zealand in the prestigious event, The Mongol Rally. We love a good road trip but this is taking 'Off Track' to a new level.


The Team

Introducing The Dusty Kiwis: Ralph Gallyer, Dylan O’Neill, Woody Bradley and Megan Taylor. This team is going to take on one of the wildest adventure races in the world, and raise money and awareness for charities along the way.

the dusty kiwis.png

On the 15th of July, The Dusty Kiwi’s will be racing out of Prague in a tiny car, not much bigger than a lunchbox. They will cross steep mountain terrain and vast deserts, taking them across all of Europe, the Eurasian Steppe, on through Mongolia, before finally finishing in Siberia. 1 car, 4 friends, 8 weeks, 18,000kms, 2 charities, 1 massive adventure.

The Rules

The Rules of the Rally are gloriously simple:

1. You can only take a stupidly small vehicle, with an engine no larger than 1000cc.

2. You're completely on your own. No support crew, no set route, no mums to hold your hand.

3. You must raise at least £1000 for charity.

The team will be raising money for the Mental Health Foundation in an effort to bring awareness and support to mental health in NZ. They will also be raising funds for Cool Earth, a charity that works with local communities around the globe to find ways that humans and nature can work together sustainability.

mongol-rally-car 2.jpg

Give A Little

The team at Off Track Rentals are behind The Dusty Kiwis all the way. Our sponsorship will go a little way to keeping them on the road but they could also do with a little extra support reaching their goals of raising £1000 for charity. You can donate by following the link to their Give A Little page. This fund will be given directly to the Mental Health Foundation and Cool Earth.

We will keep you up to date on the adventure.

Karen Melville Ives