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We believe life should be full of adventures and unique experiences

Custom four wheel drive vehicle rental in the South Island of New Zealand. Get off the beaten track.


Our four wheel drive vehicles will take you on an ongoing adventure and give you the freedom to choose the most exciting route to each destination



Off Track Rental's rugged 4WD vehicles are ready to explore any part of New Zealand, whether you want to travel over mountain passes or remote backcountry roads. Each vehicle is set up as a camper, fully equipped with everything you need to travel in safety and comfort... with a little luxury thrown in. A campervan with added benefits!


More about our vehicles:

Choose between a 4WD Land Cruiser with roof top tent accommodating 2-5 people; or The Barrel, a unique 2-person 4WD with self-contained pod.




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Get one night free on selected dates in December!




When you choose to embark on an adventure with us, renting a vehicle is only part of the deal... The places you visit and experiences you encounter along the way will leave you with amazing memories that will last for a life time. 

Check out some places others have visited to get some ideas of destinations you might want to add to your trip and who knows where you will end up?



Two lakes with beautiful beach forest and mountain views. It was one of the filming locations for the famous series The Lord of the Rings...




Exploring the south east coast of the South Island including the Cailtlins, Curio Bay & Dunedin city.



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